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ETS6 files can be used in the latest release of KNX monitor.  This release also includes an improvement to the translation feature on import of multilingual projects.

The ETS6 software from the KNX Association allows you to export project data in various file formats. The file format used by ETS6 is called the “ETS Project Archive” or “.knxproj” file format.

The .knxproj file is a compressed archive that contains all the necessary data and settings of the ETS6 project, including the physical topology of the KNX bus, group addresses, device information, parameter settings, and programming logic. This file format is not compatible with ETS5 and earlier versions of the ETS software.

To export your ETS6 project in the .knxproj format, simply select “Export” from the “File” menu and choose the “ETS Project Archive” option. You can also select the “Export KNX Project Archive” option from the “Export” button on the ETS6 project view.

Once the export process is complete, you can share the .knxproj file with other ETS users, import it into other ETS projects, or store it as a backup of your project data.