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What is KNXMonitor?

KNXMonitor is the first cloud based remote debugging, monitoring and control system for KNX installations, requiring nothing but an off-the-shelf KNX IP-router and an Internet connection. We do not require you to buy any proprietary hardware devices from us or install anything into existing installations. You can get started with us right now.

How do you do that?

KNXMonitor connects remotely to the installation using the KNX IP-Tunnelling protocol. It receives real-time updates from the KNX Bus and stores all the Group Address data in a time series database.

You can then view this data in multiple ways using the KNXMonitor web application. The application can also send information back to your installation, giving enhanced functionality such as timers.

How does it work?

With KNXMonitor you don’t have to leave a laptop logging messages from ETS to try and solve a particular issue with your installation. KNXMonitor is recording every change to a Group Address and storing that as a time-series in a database. When you want to solve a particular problem, or a client points out some unusual behaviour, there is no need to try and re-create the issue. Simply log in to KNXMonitor and select the group addresses you want to look at. You can instantly see what happened be it a day or a month ago.

Get started now

If you already connect remotely to your installations using ETS you are ready to go. Simply enter the building connection details, upload your ETS4 or ETS5 knxproj file and connect.

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More Features

As well as monitoring and debugging, KNXMonitor provides other features for your installations. Here are the current ones. We will be adding more in the future.


You can set up email alerts. For example if you want to be notified when the temperature in a room falls 2 degrees below the SetPoint Temperature, then you can set up a simple expression to do that.

For example:
(Actual Temp - Setpoint Temp) < -2

Time Source

KNXMonitor can save your clients money and simplify your installation by being the time source for the building. When you specify the location of the building KNXMonitor automatically knows which time zone you are in and will automatically adjust for daylight saving changes


KNX Hardware Timers are expensive, so they are usually only used for essential timers such as heating. With KNXMonitor you can create non-essential timers with an intuitive web based user-interface for your clients to interact with. Based on geolocation, timers can be created as offsets to sunset or sunrise.


As with non-essential timers, you can control non-essential logic using KNXMonitor. Want to calculate the average temperature of all rooms and publish this to a group address? Use our intuitive logic builder to do this.

Experienced programmers can even write Javascript to control devices.

Future plans

We have great ambitions for We want to be the leading provider of Cloud based services for KNX Installations. With always-connected homes becoming the norm, we anticipate that Cloud based services will play a huge part in the future of home automation.

The rise in popularity of sites such as and the imminent launch of devices such as the Apple Watch means that home automation coupled with internet Cloud services are reaching new heights. For example, imagine telling your watch to switch on the lights, and it knows which room your are in. This will be easily accomplished using a blend of KNXMonitor and apple iBeacon technology in the near future. KNXMonitor will be there making sure that as this technology evolves new features will be automatically available to our customers without having to replace existing systems at great cost. Cloud based services can be upgraded with no disruption to our clients.

About Us

KNXMonitor has been developed by a group of Financial Services Professionals who are interested in Home Automation. With over 20 man years experience developing real-time financial systems, they saw the synergies between what they were doing with real-time systems and what was required for monitoring and debugging an automated building. The key feature being the ability to visualise what was happening in the system and storing that time series information to be able to debug and learn from it later. Most functions in a KNX installed building happen over a longer time frame than watching the ETS monitoring window for hours on end, and it was crucial to build a solution to this problem.

Our CEO is a KNX Certified Engineer, and as well as having integrated several homes with KNX himself, He converted his own Edwardian family home to a Passivhaus standard in 2011. The house is fully KNX integrated and has over 500 individual group addresses that are monitored using

KNX Associates


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KNX Associates


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KNX Associates


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The strapline “Building Insight” covers our core values. We want Insight into our Buildings, we want to be able to see what they are telling us. We are also continuously Building on our ideas of how we can do this better.

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We think everyone should have the chance to try KNXMonitor, and experience how simple it is to remotely debug and control your KNX implementations. Obviously it costs us money to do this, which is why we serve advertising on the free version, to recoup some of those costs. We hope you will be so impressed by KNXMonitor that you will use it to monitor all your installations and take up a paid subscription.

  • Starter

    • Unlimited Installations
    • 1 Connected Building
    • 5 Alerts per Buildings *
    • 5 timers per building *
    • 5 logic modules per building *
    • 1 months data retention *
    • Email support
    • Advertising
  • Basic

    €59 per month
    • Unlimited Installations
    • 1-5 Connected Buildings
    • 10 Alerts per Buildings *
    • 10 timers per building *
    • 10 logic modules per building *
    • 1 months data retention *
    • Email support
    • No Advertising
  • Premium

    €149 per month
    • Unlimited Installations
    • 6-20 Connected Buildings
    • 20 Alerts per Building *
    • 20 timers per building *
    • 20 logic modules per building *
    • 6 months data retention
    • UK Business Hours Phone Support
    • No Advertising
  • Industrial

    • Per Installation
    • Hosted or On-Premise Server
    • Unlimited Alerts
    • Unlimited Timers
    • Unlimited Logic
    • Unlimited data retention
    • 24/7 Phone support
    • No Advertising

Connected Building means - number of simultaneously connected buildings

* Extension packs available for alerts, timers and logic, data retention on a per building basis

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